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#Syntropy: 🌿🎤 How Everything in Life Performs a Function with Purpose✊🕊️


💥 Regenerative Leadership & Future Pioneers master Skills in Feeling-Based Relating.

⚡ Effective Culture Disrupters hold rooted knowledge of Syntropy’s Design.

🧘‍♀️ Syntropic (Self) Healers & Regenerators use Nature’s Transformation Roadmap.

🌟 Master Navigators know the Strategies of Life & the Patterns of the Universe

🌈 The kaleidoscope of virtues that the Syntropic Nature of Life🌿 operates on is simply a m a z i n g.✨🕊️

Over and over again #Syntropy can remind us of the highest intelligence that we can be a conscious part of and attune our cells with..

👉👉👉 Syntropy elevates the human experience out of #entropy👏

Sjoerd Aardema:

Mission-driven. #Syntrepreneur. #Regenerative community strategist. #ecosophist and #regenfutures impact-trainer.

Focused on identifying, articulating and bringing out regenerative (Syntropic) solutions that enhance Eco-Logic regeneration of culture, belonging, and having an #impact.

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Published by Souvereign

Free, self sovereign human Life expressing and sharing natural comprehensions around human Nature and how Life Functions in all its aspects, expressions and forms by simply questioning the function.

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