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About Sjoerd Aardema

Team Trainer – Syntropic Teacher – Public Speaker

Regenerative Team Trainer, Strategic RegenConsultant.

Sjoerd has an extensive background in the regenerative agriculture movement and has worked for over a decade with farming families across various countries and climatic zones.

I teach, train and educate as a public speaker on Syntropic Agroforestry, Regeneration, Regen function between land and web 3 space, and how the bridges benefit from being built in the human sphere.

I am committed to bring Syntropy and the Syntropic Ethos, principles and practices as applied in Nature into the web3 space. Getting your team to operate on Syntropy which is good for business, the earth and our wellbeing!

Navigating Together

Want to work one on one or on a project including others?

Let’s get on a call. Book your discovery call through:

Training and Services

– One on one & group training in Syntropic Agroforestry (4 weeks)
– Syntropic Intentional Community Design setup process (4 Consults)

Questions I Answer

– The ‘quadruple bottom line’? Can you make one for us?
– Can you help me with the regenerative culture functions of my business/life/project?
– how can Syntropy increase my projects’ adoption?
– How do I avoid greenwash “sustainability” with Syntropy?
– How do we uphold “best regenerative practice”?

– How does Syntropy increase my feasibility in regenerative practice and leadership?

– How do we develop industry standards that our ROOTED in Regenerative Leadership Practice?

– How can Syntropy help my people to Rethink, restore, regenerate, real positive change on-land or online?

– Can you help me implement the “BioPhillic design model” (love for life) as our design direction?
– How can the syntropic/regenerative approach enhance the financial thrivality for me?

In best practice,


SARI – Syntropic Agroforestry Research Institut

East of Eden Nature Preserve

RealFood Network

Sustainability Alliance FNQ


World Sustainability Conference
Ubud, Bali

Syntropic Ecology
New Earth Haven, Bali, Indonesia

Collaborative Resilient Communities
Regenerative Agriculture Convergence

Interviews (coming)