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EcoSophy on Willing & Wanting

Summary One of my most insightful contributions to the comprehension of how important the language we use is for our direct experience of our reality. Language not only colors but has the capacity to govern and moreover limit our ability to relate to reality.. if you want to learn more on how self sovereignty isContinue reading “EcoSophy on Willing & Wanting”

Readers Digest on Successional Agroforestry Systems (SAFS)

Orientation:Focus on Syntropic Agroforestry & the work of Ernst Götsch. This article is based in part on the work of Katherine J. Young Author of:Mimicking Nature: A Review of Successional Agroforestry Systems as an Analogue to Natural Regeneration of Secondary Forest StandsIntroduction:Succionalal Agro-Forestry Systems (SAFS) have been promoted by agronomist Ernst Götsch in Bahia, Brazil over theContinue reading “Readers Digest on Successional Agroforestry Systems (SAFS)”

Spirals in Nature & Human Storytelling

Summary Speaking to the human spiral journey also known as the Heroes Journey from Syntropy means that there is an active invitation to become master navigators, cultivating our awareness, expanding our comprehensions of Life and growing in our Love-based compassion and support for others. Syntropic Wisdom Journeys Disclaimer: Without adventure (Journey) there is nogrowth, expansionContinue reading “Spirals in Nature & Human Storytelling”

Life in Syntropy: Reversing Degenerative Practice

Hi Fellow Earth Regenerators! For this week’s mindGarden infusion I offer you a bit more on the broader application of the Syntropic approach to Regenerative Practice (whether that is in community land development, your backyard, or your way of relating to the crazy world of man (society) that seems to be just getting more andContinue reading “Life in Syntropy: Reversing Degenerative Practice”

⚡CTA: 🎤 The #Re-Generation 🌳💪 #RegenerativeLeadership 👣🕊️

Summary 💥 Regenerative Leadership requires Hands, Heart and Soul 🧘‍♀️Syntropic Healers & Regenerators require Nature’s Roadmap. ✊ Effective Culture Disrupters require knowledge of Syntropy. Training the next generation of Master Navigators.   “If we want our offspring to be able to steward their own Life in Syntropy with nature and eachother it takes our generation,Continue reading “⚡CTA: 🎤 The #Re-Generation 🌳💪 #RegenerativeLeadership 👣🕊️”

#Syntropy: 🌿🎤 How Everything in Life Performs a Function with Purpose✊🕊️

Summary 💥 Regenerative Leadership & Future Pioneers master Skills in Feeling-Based Relating. ⚡ Effective Culture Disrupters hold rooted knowledge of Syntropy’s Design. 🧘‍♀️ Syntropic (Self) Healers & Regenerators use Nature’s Transformation Roadmap. 🌟 Master Navigators know the Strategies of Life & the Patterns of the Universe 🌈 The kaleidoscope of virtues that the Syntropic NatureContinue reading “#Syntropy: 🌿🎤 How Everything in Life Performs a Function with Purpose✊🕊️”

🌳 Syntropic Agroforestry is the answer ⚡✊ to redesigning our Regenerative Futures 🌏💪 ( A Disrupters Must Listen!)

Summary In “being Regenerative” Syntropic Embodiment is Key. For #entrepreneurs, #solopreneurs, business management leaders, #NGO’s, public speakers, #syntrepeneurs, #web3teams, #visionaries & #ReFi creators/ #investors: Increase your cells’ capacity for impact! Regenerative Leadership is knowing how to FEEL, how to Lead from Love through not being afraid of feeling, and being fully versed in the naturalContinue reading “🌳 Syntropic Agroforestry is the answer ⚡✊ to redesigning our Regenerative Futures 🌏💪 ( A Disrupters Must Listen!)”

🌿Observing Nature, Partaking in Your Ecology 🌍 creates 👉 Paths to Belonging

Summary The relevance of comprehending the Origins of Species of your locality Impact of Climatological Zones for #TinyForests, #RegenerativeAgroecology Observing your locality of Native Plant species, opens you to new Fields of #Syntropy AND #belonging !! What season are you in?  Are you observing the patterns of Nature around you? The Patterns of Nature areContinue reading “🌿Observing Nature, Partaking in Your Ecology 🌍 creates 👉 Paths to Belonging”

Fostering Collaborative Resilient Communities through comprehending Syntropy in Human Ecology

Summary A sharing on Humanities’ Natural Human Ecological Blueprint and how to come back in to syntropic relationship with that by focusing on re-enabling one’s own self sovereign nature. In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys we discuss the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks isContinue reading “Fostering Collaborative Resilient Communities through comprehending Syntropy in Human Ecology”

EcoSophy Journey: Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset

Summary Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love. This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Enjoined with a roadmap to re-member who we really are. Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Sovereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in,Continue reading “EcoSophy Journey: Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset”