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EcoSophy on Willing & Wanting


One of my most insightful contributions to the comprehension of how important the language we use is for our direct experience of our reality. Language not only colors but has the capacity to govern and moreover limit our ability to relate to reality.. if you want to learn more on how self sovereignty is tied to syntropy go to where I share more on sovereign syntax based on syntropy which isnt all emasculated but clear and clean through the understandings of the significance of our Will and how our feelings are responsible for informing our knowing of what we are willing and not willing to do.. — Send in a voice message:



Readers Digest on Successional Agroforestry Systems (SAFS)

Focus on Syntropic Agroforestry & the work of Ernst Götsch.

This article is based in part on the work of Katherine J. Young Author of:
Mimicking Nature: A Review of Successional Agroforestry Systems as an Analogue to Natural Regeneration of Secondary Forest Stands

Succionalal Agro-Forestry Systems (SAFS) have been promoted by agronomist Ernst Götsch in Bahia, Brazil over the last 30 years as an approach for regenerating degraded soils and improving productive agro-ecosystems in degraded agricultural landscapes.

Ernst Götsch brought Syntropic Agroforestry into the world as a complete guide and systems approach to regenerating landscapes with highly beneficial ecologic and economic outcomes.

Syntropic Agroforestry teaches you how to design your own successional agroforestry systems that become composed of stratified multifunctional species guilds that collectively appear to have a similar structure to native forests.

Integrative Approach. Mimicking Nature’s Forest Dynamics

Syntropic agroforestry integrates indigenous knowledge of intercropping multi-purpose subsistence species, and plant specie succession to establish productive forest dynamics to increase biodiversity, and cause quickened natural regeneration through selective management practices. Mimicking Nature is a large part of the Syntropic Farming approach.

The idea of simulating principles active in nature or “working with” nature has been practiced for thousands of years by indigenous land cultivating navigators.

This biomimicry approach practiced in Syntropic Agroforestry is based on (and aimed at) continuing to increase the quantity and quality of consolidated life better known as biodiversity into the system. In Syntropic Farming this is accomplished by integrating forest dynamics for agricultural outcome purposes and planning for dense plant specie succession.

Mimicking natural ecosystems in agroecosystems and understanding the succession of plants requires the knowledge of species-specific origins, their growth, functional traits, and niche resource requirements to develop ideal spatial arrangements for stratified system structures through time.

Design Functionality of Syntropic Agroforestry

Syntropic Systems can be designed for annual purposes but commonly involve a minimum 20 years plant strategy for the tree species to be able to contribute and create yield in any Syntropic System.

For proper design and management of successional agroforestry systems, it is vital to understand individual species’ requirements and how to pair them in successional plant associations to improve the optimal functioning of your Syntropic Agroforestry systems.

Through the mixture of trees, shrubs, vegetables, and herbs crops, as well as the inclusion of grasses, a broader spectrum of functionally different species brings about a more efficient use of the available nutrients, solar energy, and water, giving more stability to the system and reducing the need for external inputs.

In the management of Syntropic Systems selective removal, by means of pruning, is promoted to produce more plant growth in the next succession planted in the system and create an increase in biomass and nutrient availability.

Succession in Nature traditionally refers to the changes observed in an ecological community following a disturbance.

According to Götsch, removing plants just before they reach maturity may accelerate succession by “shortcutting the homeostatic phases of the different succession stages”, removing any antagonistic growth reduction.

Managing the plant life cycle in a timely fashion by means of pruning to help speed up or increase Life in the ecosystem is based on the knowledge of the growth-reducing effect of maturing plants at the end of their life cycle on their neighboring plants, that when removed aka pruned causes a growth-stimulating effect on the vegetative development of adjacent plants.

In Götsch’s Syntropic Agroforestry system overstory species are intensively pruned (up to 95%) each year, and the trimmings are cut into smaller pieces and evenly distributed on the ground with larger branches placed on contour to prevent erosion. Intensive pruning regimes stimulate high biomass production (increasing foliar growth and fruit production) intensifying photosynthesis, it helps increase moisture retention in soil, and moderates ambient temperatures.

Additionally, mulching made from “chopping and dropping” selected plants (such as banana stems, and maturing plants at the end of their life cycles) provides organic material from which microbiological activity can rapidly mineralize nutrients, building rich topsoil supporting in situ nutrient cycling— much like a natural forest under assisted regeneration.

Of course, pruning as a management practice has many more functional benefits as it brings in more sunlight into the (former) understory of plants.

Readers Digest Conclusion:

The Syntropic Agroforestry methodology shows great promise as an innovative approach to increase agro-biodiversity, regenerate severely disturbed agricultural landscapes, diversify harvest yields, and reduce ecological and economic risks associated with conventional agricultural systems.

Successional Agroforestry or Syntropic Farming when applied improves biodiversity in any agricultural system, regenerates degraded (agricultural) landscapes, and has a direct micro or bioregional climate harmonizing or influencing function affecting the larger biome of the wider environment.

For its successful adoption, agroforestry managers must have a working knowledge of natural successional development and tropical forest stand dynamics to manage their system appropriately.

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For the full original source and Technical Research Paper by Katherine Young:
Mimicking Nature: A Review of Successional Agroforestry Systems as an Analogue to Natural Regeneration of Secondary Forest Stands

Spirals in Nature & Human Storytelling


Speaking to the human spiral journey also known as the Heroes Journey from Syntropy means that there is an active invitation to become master navigators, cultivating our awareness, expanding our comprehensions of Life and growing in our Love-based compassion and support for others.

Syntropic Wisdom Journeys Disclaimer:

Without adventure (Journey) there is no
growth, expansion or change.

If you want to expand, grow and or learn “new things” then stepping into any Wisdom Journey is key.


This talk goes rapidly and deep into how all pre-existing symbolism from around the world is all expressed in 2-dimensional artforms and moreover what it is genuinely communicating in relation to its 3-dimensional existence in the living world!!

Through this Syntropic Wisdom sharing you get to look through the lens of Syntropy at the archetypal nature of life and the language of images that are all expressed in all journeys of all humans.

For more Syntropic Embodiment Journeys:

I offer personal or group/community services in:

  • Doula birthing support work,
  • inner child work, soul retrieval work
  • gentle trauma releasing work,
  • internal family dynamics work,
  • complex psychological healing work (PTSD)
  • I offer 6-week private tuition and support in all the above

    I also offer one-on-one private Journeys in:
  • Syntropic Agroforestry Coaching
  • Strategic Syntropic Business planning and advising using Nature’s Rule.
  • Bringing Syntropy into your personal life, work relationships, family, community or inspired project.

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Life in Syntropy: Reversing Degenerative Practice

Hi Fellow Earth Regenerators!

For this week’s mindGarden infusion I offer you a bit more on the broader application of the Syntropic approach to Regenerative Practice (whether that is in community land development, your backyard, or your way of relating to the crazy world of man (society) that seems to be just getting more and more of the rails!

Loose Definition of Syntropy:

Syntropy also referred to as neg-entropy (negative entropy) is the life-bearing, life-enhancing, and self-organizing “formula” that nature operates from to sustain itself and all living organisms it is. All living systems have mechanisms working towards syntropy ingrained at their cellular level. The opposite, entropy, is more of a man-made idea. Talking about entropy is basically talking about what Life isn’t.

So when we apply this to our way of thinking it can either be syntropic i.e. life-affirming — as in abundance, peace, collaboration based on trust or entropic — meaning scarcity, lack, competition based on fear. So syntropy and entropy are two opposing principles that have a profound impact on how we relate to life, how life relates to us and how we navigate life with the resources we have.

My take on the Origins of Syntropic Agroforestry:

Syntropic Agroforestry was formulated through many decades of direct observation, direct experience in the forest, on the land, and through indigenous wisdom directly derived from the people that still live with that knowledge today in Central America. There’s so much wisdom there, and they’ve kept that up because they know it is true, and we see it now resurfacing because industrial agriculture is simply not sustainable. The birthplace of this work is in Brazil and yeah it’s beautiful to see how the country with the highest deforestation happening gives rise to the wisest way of reforesting the Earth.

The Status quo of Degenerative Farming Practices: “evanescence”

Our current farming situation is based on an entropic system that is outdated and unsustainable. It is literally degenerative.

The entropic industrialized food paradigm that our supermarkets rely on comes from a dependency-based system that disempowers farmers in their ability to attain natural knowledge of how to grow nutrient-dense food in abundance.

It causes the people involved to operate out of fear because of money and lack thereof, and the need to create profit to retain their mortgage.

All of that is an emotional and mental approach to life-based on scarcity, yet natural knowledge can never be dismissed or eliminated from our own connection to Nature that is the opposite of evanescence; Permanence. Woo!

Navigating with the Natural Order of Life: Forest dynamics inclusion

Natural processes can be altered, and people can be distracted but life is Life.

You can try and mess with it but life processes are going to remain the same.

When I look at innovative food systems such as regenerative agriculture, biodynamics, and successional food forestry, these are the systems that will provide real empowerment for farmers of the future.

If we start feeding life to the soil with bio-fert, with microbe-rich composts, with microbial cultures that are teeming with life, while including forest dynamics in these systems well, we’re going to have soil that is rich in life which is the foundation to all life including ourselves.

The main benefit of forest-dynamics being included lies in the root networks that trees create and that vegetables are not purposed for to formulate. The role of trees is essential in the diversification of nutrient cycling and nutrient distribution. Trees have many functions one of them is creating healthy hydrological cycling and building the humus layer through its leaf droppings.

web mycellium

Trees drastically enhance plant communication throughout the life web in the soil underneath your veggie garden.

Trees are highly efficient communication nodes in the greater soil web of our landscape. They have an interoperability function built-in that annual plants don’t.

Petals in the Park Syntropic Farm

The case for Regeneration instead of “Climate Action”

A lot of climate change movements or environmentalists live from a place of fear about running out of resources, or carbon emissions causing global warming I’m not saying that our industrial consumer society is not responsible for pollution and overall degradation of Life on earth. My point is that living in a fear-and-control-based paradigm is not part of the solution because it does not speak about Regeneration, reforestation or even changing our entropic ways of blind consumerism to a conscious regenerative focus and balance with nature. Instead, it promotes “curbing” through promoting the fantasy of yet another taxation on ’emissions’ of carbon.

The last time I checked carbon is a building block of Life, so the whole carbon narrative is really just a hoax, an illusion, and a distraction from taking actual regenerative action.

If you are only responsible for your choices and actions then it benefits to know for yourself whether it is fear that is driving your choices and actions for “climate” or is it love for the potential of regeneration.

Let me ask you this (and please check in with yourself around this)
is fear driving any of your current motivations to take action?
Are fear, lack, despair, and scarcity driving your way of relating to life?

If so, then you’re operating from someone else’s belief system and that system has been systematically engineered to cause you to operate from the same scarcity mentality that it then profits from.

Life seen through the Lens of Syntropy is actually very lush, very loving, very supportive, and very nurturing, and I see that the future of food is really, really prosperous.

Through the Lens of Syntropic Farming and beyond:

Syntropic farming is actually much more than a farming system, you can actually expand this into a way of thinking and your approach to life!

Studying nature, life and the syntropy within can give us beautiful insights as to how we can grow and feel enriched in our own lives.

By observing how nature operates from grasslands to complex rainforests, nature can show us where we need to change. But that’s also where the hard parts come up — as we humans have been gifted with emotions and memories based on impressive experiences.

What I realized through adopting syntropic thinking was that I was seeing and processing life through a pre-programmed set of entropic beliefs.

For instance, believing that weeds are bad is a very entropic fear-based, control-based, and lack-based idea that life or nature would do something against itself or that it would do something to harm life, it just doesn’t work that way.

The label weeds is already a judgment, it’s a human-created noun that actually doesn’t exist because it’s actually a plant and the plant has a plant species name, and the plant species has a function in that system.

For example, one of comfreys functions is that it has a really deep taproot to bring up minerals that are much further down into the sub stratus of the soil that other plants can’t get to and it brings it up and when you chop and drop it makes that bio available.

What I’ve learned from Syntropy; is that every element in life has a function, and when we discover what the function is in relation to the larger organism, we’ll know how to work with it.

When this clicks for anyone, it can be like Wow!

The bottom line of this is that life only collaborates.
It only works to create more life, more abundance, more support species, more water, more oxygen, more carbon into the soil, more carbon storage, more nitrogen-fixing, more mineral releasing, more everything more…

Hijacked Mindsets of perception

“If we changed our perception and recognized nature as a great ally, a great inspiration, we would really change the way we behave towards the planet.”

– Pedro Diniz, CEO Fazenda da Toca

Humanity has been substantially hijacked to believe that operating from fear and living in the sense of needing to be in control is the way to feel safe. The origins of these global issues are man-made and man-induced entropic ways of thinking and therefore only a major paradigm shift in human mindset and behavior could solve these global issues we face today.

“if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make the change”

– Michael Jackson

What we all need to become willing to do:

Are you willing to have a real look? I know that this can be confronting for a lot of people but if we don’t get real with ourselves, then we’re not going to be free, we’re not going to thrive and we’re certainly not going to offer the next generation something better than what we’ve received.

Humans, Life and the Patterns of Nature

We are part of life and if a tree doesn’t get certain nutrients in the beginning stages of its development, we call it nutrient deficient.

As humans we have multiple needs beyond nutrition, we have emotional needs, we have spiritual needs, and I see that if we don’t get certain natural frequencies as a child, we’re still going to be looking for it as adults, especially if we got the opposite of what we anticipated.

This is where it really hits home; it’s about resolving something within. If the root is in deficiency, then the deficiency is going to remain until you actively go there.

The world doesn’t need to change because life on earth can actually be really good without us.

What we really need to do is change ourselves internally, and then the rest is not just going to be “sustainable”; no it is going to be regenerative, it is going to be next level, it’s actually going to be restorative.

Syntropic Agroforestry – Love Agriculture vs. the status quo

Nature is more than just the visible elements; it is a network of relationships, dynamics, processes, and constant changes and exchanges which are also central to Syntropic Farming.

We are part of an intelligent system and if we can see ourselves within that, and as part of it then we don’t have to dominate and control and deflect and reject and protect, no we can just navigate with Life, and Life will respond in our favor.

The old-world way of unconscious navigation and participation in systems that don’t nurture our local farmers back so they can nurture their soils is just one element we can each reflect on.

What “food chain” model are you fostering?

Closing thoughts

The current entropic emotional state where humanity is operating from (which is fear lack, control, scarcity, rush, rush, hurry, hurry) is stifling our natural ability to love, to care, and to take regenerative action. When we choose to turn down the noise of the world going crazy and disintegrating and we step into our power to become Earth Regenerators we get to nurture others through our inspired action-taking.

In all realness though: Change always takes effort. Our willingness to adapt to change and orientate ourselves towards regenerative practices throughout our life, however, also always brings us back into the flow of Life, with Life, with Nature and that is Life in Syntropy.

I hope you found inspiration for your cells in this article! Leave a comment. Send me a PM here. or send me an email one of these days!

In the spirit of Regeneration!

Sjoerd (Souvereign)

⚡CTA: 🎤 The #Re-Generation 🌳💪 #RegenerativeLeadership 👣🕊️


💥 Regenerative Leadership requires Hands, Heart and Soul

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Training the next generation of Master Navigators.  

“If we want our offspring to be able to steward their own Life in Syntropy with nature and eachother it takes our generation, the Regeneration, to become willing to look at our actives, our own navigation and any existing non-presence or domination based frequencies. They all speak ONLY of our own childhood traumas AND it is NOW that we get to break out of those unnatural programs by choosing to Will it so!”

Regenerative Leaders, Healers, and Culture Transformers expand your knowledge of the field of True Human Ecology rooted in Syntropy.

SARI is established to offer places of Research in the field application of Syntropic Agroforestry, Successional Agroforestry, Regenerative Agriculture, and Indigenous Wisdom regeneration.

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#Syntropy: 🌿🎤 How Everything in Life Performs a Function with Purpose✊🕊️


💥 Regenerative Leadership & Future Pioneers master Skills in Feeling-Based Relating.

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Sjoerd Aardema:

Mission-driven. #Syntrepreneur. #Regenerative community strategist. #ecosophist and #regenfutures impact-trainer.

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🌳 Syntropic Agroforestry is the answer ⚡✊ to redesigning our Regenerative Futures 🌏💪 ( A Disrupters Must Listen!)


In “being Regenerative” Syntropic Embodiment is Key.

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Increase your cells’ capacity for impact!

Regenerative Leadership is knowing how to FEEL, how to Lead from Love through not being afraid of feeling, and being fully versed in the natural process of Succession in Nature (and business).

Uplevel: Retrain your cells in Syntropic Wisdom.

Action from Rooted Wisdom has you uplevel all the systems, projects, and relationships that you build, touch, and get to influence.

Traditional Regenerative ‘Leadership’ is not enough.

Master Navigators of Human Ecology is what is required so that all our systems from finance, business, community, and nature Landcare are rooted in regenerative practice.

This Syntropic Wisdom is stored deep within your bones, all of your cells know how to navigate in Syntropy.

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🌿Observing Nature, Partaking in Your Ecology 🌍 creates 👉 Paths to Belonging


The relevance of comprehending the Origins of Species of your locality

Impact of Climatological Zones for #TinyForests, #RegenerativeAgroecology

Observing your locality of Native Plant species, opens you to new Fields of #Syntropy AND #belonging !!

What season are you in? 

Are you observing the patterns of Nature around you?

The Patterns of Nature are always communicating their function and place in succession through time.

#LivingInformation for the health of your cells

#NatureConnection this is the practice of coming to know more of YOU and #belonging.

Apply this to your #communitydesign

In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys we discuss the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks is it possible to change our language towards it reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature?

How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of our inner agroforestry systems?

For more one on one Journeys:

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Fostering Collaborative Resilient Communities through comprehending Syntropy in Human Ecology


A sharing on Humanities’ Natural Human Ecological Blueprint and how to come back in to syntropic relationship with that by focusing on re-enabling one’s own self sovereign nature.

In the Syntropic Wisdom Journeys we discuss the role of language in shaping our world and how see it and relate to it, and asks is it possible to change our language towards it reflecting our true relationship with and within Nature?

How does Syntropy relate to an understanding of our inner agroforestry systems?

For more one on one Journeys:

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EcoSophy Journey: Cultivating a Syntropic Mindset


Syntropy, Self Sovereignty and Self Love.

This is a return to our innate natural knowing of how Life within us truly functions. Enjoined with a roadmap to re-member who we really are.

Through sharing from the three internal Schools of Syntropy, Sovereignty and Self Love a template is laid to assist everyone called in, to re-member who they really are.

This is deep and transformative work that exposes the corruption of mind programming and unveiling the hidden systems by which humanity has been manipulated to stay obedient, fearful, and in self-perpetuation of trauma.

From Love shining a bright light onto the veiled aspects of our current human culture.

Remembering Love easily exposes and illuminates humandamage also known as “wetiko”, humanities’ mind virus, and its many forms and ways that it keeps humanity lingering in the past of unresolved experiences.

Unresolved Humandamage keeps perpetuating this artificially induced state of humans not reclaiming their self Sovereign nature, but instead (out of fear and avoidance of retriggering already existing trauma) asking permission, and believing in external authorities and their power over them.

My sharings are in service to help free humans individually from their unresolved emotional imprinting by providing beauty full, Life supporting, comprehensions for the navigation of the internal landscape and the subsconscious/unconscious mind.

In grace and lovingkindness,


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